With in-depth implementation of the harmonious development strategy, China Coal Group continued to promote social responsibility management, focusing on integrating the concept and requirements of social responsibility into the existing management system, actively exploring suitable management model of social responsibility for the company, continuously improving our ability to perform duties, and striving to achieve the sustainable development goal of “optimizing the comprehensive value of economy, society and environment”.

Social Responsibility Work System

Organizational system:The Company has established a relatively perfect social responsibility working organization, which is headed by the general manager of the company, and has a leading group of social responsibility work with the main heads of functional departments and business units as members, which is responsible for the leadership and decision-making of social responsibility work. The leading group consists of a social responsibility working office, which is responsible for the specific work of social responsibility. Each secondary enterprise has established a working institution, which is responsible for the implementation and completion of social responsibility work.

Indicator system: The Company has initially established a social responsibility indicators system including six aspects, which are economy, safety, environment, innovation, employees and community. There are nearly 100 specific indicators, which provide abundant historical data for social responsibility work, ensure the comparability of social responsibility report indicators, and lay a foundation for the assessment of integrating social responsibility into company management and operation.

Management system: The Company pays attention to incorporating the concept of social responsibility into the existing management system, continuously promoting social responsibility management, and constructs a “three-in-one” model of CSR management, which is, infusing the responsible industry chain, accommodating stakeholders, and integrating sustainable development.

Social Responsibility Model

Diamond and coal are two kinds of substances with the same element composition. Just because of the different arrangement of carbon elements, diamond and coal obtain different qualities and values. Such a change implies the concept of social responsibility management – “social responsibility is not to do new work, but to work in a new way”. Optimizing working methods and innovating management perspective will bring greater social wealth as well.

The essential relationship between diamond and coal reflects the mission of China Coal Group to create a better life. Through social responsibility management, the impression of high pollution, high risk, labor-intensive and extensive management brought by coal industry to the public for a long time has been changed, and the company value has been fully excavated and sublimated to maximize the comprehensive value of economy, society and environment, thus creating a “Good Life” as clean, transparent and precious as diamond.  

Promotion of Social Responsibility Work

Social responsibility is integrated into our corporate strategy. In compiling the 13th Five-Year Development Plan of China Coal Group, we synchronously plan and implement the social responsibility work, integrate the concept of social responsibility into the enterprise development strategy, and form the top-level design of the social responsibility management of China Coal Group. Develop social responsibility training. China Coal Group has constructed a platform for social responsibility learning and communication. Through establishing an internal website of social responsibility, holding meetings, inviting experts, and opening a column on social responsibility learning, it has planned and carried out social responsibility training at different levels to raise the awareness of social responsibility.

Promote the practice of social responsibility. At the beginning of the year, we hold a working conference on social responsibility to listen to the reports on social responsibility work of each unit in the previous year, and to arrange the main duties of annual social responsibility work. We carry out the selection of outstanding cases of social responsibility, enhance the awareness and practical ability of corporate social responsibility of affiliated companies, and encourage key sub-enterprises with conditions to issue periodic social responsibility reports. Strengthen the study of social responsibility, explore the concept, connotation, objectives and ways of fulfilling social responsibility of coal enterprises in the low period of the industry, and promote enterprises to fulfill social responsibility more effectively.

Strengthen social responsibility communication. Since the first social responsibility report was issued in 2008, China Coal Group has issued social responsibility reports for eight consecutive years. For three consecutive years, China Coal Group has been awarded the Outstanding Enterprises for Release Social Responsibility Report by the China Coal Industry Association, and twice won the honor of “Golden Bee-Excellent Corporate Social Responsibility Report, Leadership Enterprise”. In the Blue Book on Corporate Social Responsibility of China 2015 issued by the China Academy of Social Sciences, China Coal Group ranked 31st among the top 100 state-owned enterprises and 41st among the top 300 Chinese enterprises considering social responsibility development index, and maintained its leading position.

Participate in the formulation of industry social responsibility standards. In collaboration with the CSR Research Center of the China Academy of Social Sciences, we have compiled “Guidelines 3.0 for the Compilation of CSR Reports for Coal Mining and Washing Industries”, and in collaboration with China National Coal Association, we have participated in the preparation of “Guidelines for CSR for China Coal Industry”. Examples of CSR management and practice of China Coal Group have been a reference standard for other enterprises, and our company has become a leader in formulating industry standards.