Coal Mining Equipment Manufacturing

China National Coal Mining Equipment Company Limited which is the subsidiary of China Coal Group ranks currently the most largest and advanced manufacturer with complete equipment supply and strong competitive ability in producing of heavy-duty armored face conveyor, hydraulic roof support, electric shearer and other equipment for mining. It has enjoyed the leading positions in terms of technology and market share and is the initiator in China that has the ability to design, manufacture and provide a complete set of equipment for fully mechanized mining and excavation in the coal mine. Meanwhile, China National Coal Mining Equipment Company Limited has set up international leading level coal equipment test platform which has played an important role of demonstration in promoting the improvement of equipment, safety, production capacity and efficiency among the coal industry in China.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China Coal Group will actively seize the strategic opportunity of international energy cooperation , respond to 2025 strategic plan of China Made, deepen the reform of management system, persist in technological innovation and technical cooperation, push forward the integration of the equipment manufacturing and the new generation of information technology, promote equipment manufacturing for the development in heavy duty, high level and intelligence, strengthen the technical reservation and product research and development, bring along the localization of advanced mining technique and the internationalization of major technique and equipment. By speeding up the transformation from production orientation to production-service orientation, China Coal Group will build itself into the equipment manufacturing service provider with relatively strong international competiveness.