Coal Mining Equipment Manufacturing

China National Coal Mining Equipment Company Limited, a subsidiary of China Coal Group, is an industry-leading enterprise mainly engaging in the development, supply, maintenance, leasing and service of coal mining engineering machinery and equipment. It has taken the lead in development, manufacturing and supply of complete sets of comprehensive coal mining excavation equipment in China, achieving the localization of complete set of fully mechanized coal mining face with an annual output of 10-million-tonnes successfully. Its technological level in conveying, supporting and excavating of the complete intelligent coal mining face and its market share take the leading position in the PRC, and its products are sold to the US, UK, Russia, Australia, India, Vietnam, Turkey and other countries and regions. China National Coal Mining Equipment Company Limited is the only one who owns the National Energy R&D (Laboratory) Centre in the industry, and it has established a world-class coal mining equipment testing platform. Moreover, it acquired UK Parsons Chain, a world famous brand. By doing so, it plays a positive role in and set an example for the overall enhancement of equipment, safety and output efficiency in China’s coal industry.

China National Coal Mining Equipment Company will capture the opportunity of strategic cooperation with international energy companies, and devote itself to leading the development direction of coal mining equipment industry, serve the modernization construction of coal industry, deepen management system reform and continue to pursue technological innovation and technical cooperation. Besides, China National Coal Mining Equipment Company will also focus on boosting the in-depth integration of equipment manufacturing with new information technology and vigorously promote high-end, smart and green equipment manufacturing. It will also strengthen technology reserve and research and development of products, which will in turn drive the localization of leading technology and equipment and the internalization of significant technology and equipment in respect of coal mines. It will seek to speed up the transformation of equipment manufacturing from a production-oriented mode to production-and-service-oriented mode and to build itself into a clean energy technological equipment service provider with strong international competitiveness.