Coal Mine Construction

Engineering construction team of China Coal Group integrates R&D, survey, design, construction, supervision, consulting, coal production and coal mine production and operation. It mainly focuses on "design plus services", "investment-construction-operation integration" and other business models, leading the development of the coal construction at the industry level. It participated in the design and construction of more than half of large-scale coal bases, high yield and high efficiency mines with an annual output of million tonnes level of coal and large-scale coal preparation plants in China. we take the global leading position in large-diameter, ultra-deep vertical wells and frozen construction of Coal Mines and are a national record holder of metallurgical industry construction at the coal industry level. With rich experience in non-coal mine construction, we have undertaken a number of gold, copper, iron and other non-coal mine construction and operation projects. More than 200 projects including Menkeqing Coal Mine have won honors at provincial and ministerial levels such as "Luban Award", "National Quality Engineering Award", "Classic Project for the 60th Anniversary of the founding of New China" and "Sun Cup", and Balapukuria Coal Mine in Bangladesh won the first overseas project "Luban Award".