Coal Mine Construction

China Coal Construction Group Company Limited,a subsidiary of China Coal Group which has 2 large sized prospecting and design affiliates and 4 large scale construction affiliates, has designed and constructed a majority of the country’s key coal projects, undertook the construction of the deepest vertical well of China, the vertical well with the largest diameter of China, and the deepest frozen well in Asia, which has made outstanding contribution to China’s coal construction industry.Meanwhile China Coal Construction Group Company Limited has undertaken several dozens of international projects located in Morocco,Turkey, Bangladesh Vietnam and India. Playing the leading role of coal mine design enterprises, China Coal Construction Group Company Limited has restructured its resources in coal mine construction business, promoted the general contracting of coal mine construction, which has implemented a new pattern in domestic coal mine construction field.In 2016, China Coal Construction Group Company Limited realized revenue of 12.5 billion Yuan and assets of 21.3 billion Yuan. 

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China Coal Group will actively seize the strategic golden opportunities of One Belt and One Road Initiative and Integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region,deepen the structural reform, strengthen the mechanism innovation, insist on brand building and quality service, enhance the resource consolidation capacity,project operation capacity and integration service capacity. China Coal Group will focus on the core businesses by strengthening mining construction business, enlarging production and operation, and optimizing municipal housing construction business. While consolidating the domestic coal market position, China Coal Group will actively expand non-coal industries and overseas markets, exert itself to become comprehensive service provider of engineering construction with relatively strong international competiveness.