Coal Chemical

China Coal Group has actively extended to develop the industrial chain concentrating on producing olefins and fertilizer from raw coal. We will take priority to develop coal coking industry to promote the transition and upgrading of coal chemical industry. The equity production capacity of the coal chemical products approaches around 10 million tons which mainly comprise olefin, methanol, urea, ammonium nitrate, coke, etc. Among the coal chemical projects owned by China Coal Group, Tuke Large Granular Urea project is the largest enterprise in terms of a single plant size in China. At present, the following projects have been put into operation: 600 thousand ton/year coal olefin project of Yulin, Shaanxi, 600 thousand ton/year engineering plastic project of Mengda, Ordos, 1 million tons of synthetic ammonia and 1.75 million tons of urea project (first phase) of Tuke, Ordos, the comprehensive utilization of low- calorific value coal project Pingshuo, Shanxi, 600 thousand tons/year coal based methanol project of China Coal Yuanxing,the share-holding project-- Zhongtian Synergetic deep processing of coal demonstration project(1.37 million tons/year olefin) and Jingbian comprehensive utilization project of energy and chemical industry (1.2 million tons/year olefin ),chinacoal Jiuxin 2 million tons/year coking coal project.