Coal Chemical

China coal group in accordance with the cleaning efficiency and innovation leading, scientific layout, the principle of intensive development, key construction Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi, Shanxi and other large-scale coal chemical industry base, strict controls of energy consumption, water consumption and pollutant emissions, efforts to achieve project zone, the production scale, product refinement, effectively raising the level and range of coal and product added value, realizes the fine coal chemical industry by the traditional to the modern coal chemical industry to upgrade, on the basis of original coking, coal gasification industry, focuses on developing coal to olefin, coal, chemical fertilizer industry to promote transformation and upgrading of coal chemical industry.

Since 2010, China Coal Group has arranged modern coal chemical projects in Yulin, Shaanxi, Ordos, Inner Mongolia, and Shuozhou, Shanxi. 600 thousand tons/year coal to olefin project in Yulin, Shaanxi, 600 thousand tons/year engineering plastics project in Mengda, Ordos, 1 million tons/year of synthetic ammonia and 1.75 million tons of urea project in Tuke, Ordos, 600 thousand tons/year coal to methanol project in China Coal Yuanxing and demonstration project for comprehensive utilization of inferior coal has been completed. And participate in Shaanxi Yanchang China Coal Yulin Energy Chemical Company Limited (1.2 million tons / year olefin), Zhongtian Synergetic Energy Company Limited (1.37 million tons / year olefin), Hebei China Coal Xuyang Coking Company Limited. Currently, the 1 million tons / year coal to methanol project is under construction and Yulin phase II (800 thousand  tons / year olefin) is under preparation. Coal chemical products mainly include olefins, methanol, urea, ammonium nitrate, coke, etc., with an equity capacity of about 10 million tons.