China National Coal Group Corporation (abbreviation as China Coal Group) is the key state-owned enterprise which is under the jurisdiction of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Its predecessor was China National Coal Import and Export Corporation, established in July 1982. The major business of China Coal Group are coal production and trade, coal to chemicals, power generation, coal mine construction, coal mining equipment manufacturing and relevant engineering services. China Coal Energy Company Limited was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2006 and returned to A shares in February 2008. By the end of 2020, China Coal Group has total assets of 412.8 billion yuan and 120,000 employees.

China Coal Group is a large energy enterprise mainly specializing in coal production, with the existing controllable coal reserves of over 68 billion tons; in addition, China Coal Group has more than 70 coal mines under operation or construction with the total coal production capacity of 300 million tons. The equity production capacity of coal to chemical products approaches around 10 million tons which are mainly comprised of olefin, methanol, urea, ammonium nitrate and coke, etc. The power sector has actively promoted the integration of coal and electricity through new construction and equity participation. Currently, there are more than 40 power plants with a total installed capacity of over 27 million kW. Coal mine construction enterprises have undertaken the design and construction tasks of mining areas of ten-million-ton level,  high-yielding and high-efficiency mines of ten-million-ton level, and large coal washing plants in China, representing the advanced level of the industry. The main business of Coal mine equipment manufacturing enterprises is the integration of "research, supply, maintenance, leasing and service", and the technical level and market share of the integrated intelligent coal mine face conveying, support, mining and excavating equipment take the lead in China.

China Coal Group adheres to the strategy of “Supplier and Provider”: to build a world-class clean energy supplier and comprehensive energy service provider with global competitiveness. Stand on the development ideas of "12355": 1 Center: centering on quality and effectiveness. 2 Large Industry Forms: building up a new circular economy business form of coal production, coal to chemicals, power generation and new service forms in engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, design and research, asset operation management, and comprehensive energy development. 3 Main Relationship: the relationship between the current and long-term, reform and stability, and control and vitality. 5 Missions: safety and stability, improvement of quality and efficiency, transition and upgrade, reformation and adjustment, strengthening foundation. 5 Ideas of development: innovation, coordination, green-, openness and sharing.

Operation Revenue:187 billion yuan

Total Assets412.8 billion yuan