Coal Production and Trade

The mines of China Coal Group are mainly distributed in Pingshuo mining area and Jinzhong Xiangning mining area of Shanxi, Hujilt mining area of Odors in Nei Mongol, Datun mining area of Jiangsu, Yulin Yuheng mining area of Shaanxi, Xinzheng mining area of Henan, Xinji mining area of Anhui and Hami mining area of Xinjiang. The existing reserves of controllable resources of the Group exceeded 76 billion tons, more than 70 coal mines are under operation or construction, and the total capacity reached 300 million tons. There are also 43 coal preparation plants with a total washing capacity of 320 million tons per year. China Coal Group has more than 30 years of coal and coke import and export trade history and a sound logistics distribution center and distribution network. Since 2005, we have coal trade with the quantity more than 100 million tons for 17 consecutive years.


China Coal Group has implemented the national responsibility of ensuring coal safety and stable supply, continues to deepen coal supply-side structural reform, reasonably and orderly reduction and replacement, accelerates the release of high-quality advanced production capacity, and constantly improves the quality of supply and efficiency. We will optimize the distribution of production and development, develop large coal producing areas such as Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Xinjiang, and work on the scientific and orderly development of high-quality thermal coal and special scarce coal. We will steadily improve the quality and scale of coal marketing, steadily fulfill the responsibility of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices, and ensure a safe and ordered coal supply.

Coal trade in 2021: 360 million tons.