Coal Production and Trade

The coal mines of China Coal Group are mainly located in Pingshuo Minning Area of Shanxi Provice,Linfen of Jinzhong of Shanxi province, Hujierte Mining Area of Ordos of Inner Mongolia, Datun Mining Area of Jiangsu province, Yuheng Mining Area of Yulin of Shaanxi Province, Xinzheng of Henan Province, Xinji Mining Area of Anhui province, Hami Mining Area of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. China Coal Group has more than 70 coal mines with an annual production capacity of 300 million tons, and the controllable resources reserve reaches 60 billion tons. China Coal Group has 38 coal preparation plants with a total washing and preparation capacity of 300 million tons. China Coal Group has a history of more than 30 years in coal and coke import and export and owns a well constructed system of logistics dispatchment centers and distribution networks. Since 2005, the coal trade volume of China Coal Group has been exceeding 100 million tons for 13 consecutive years.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, by adhering to the keynotes of “scale and intensive development, green and high efficiency, optimizing high quality industry and adjusting inventory”, China Coal Group takes great efforts in upgrading the clean and efficient exploration of coal, vigorously promotes the construction of integrated projects of coal, power generation and chemical to enhance the coal production efficiency, to increase the on-site transforming ratio of coal and to highlight the advantage of scale and intensive development. China Coal Group grasps the opportunity of “de-capacity policy” to deeply participate in the integration of coal resources among state-owned enterprises, actively and steadily promotes enterprises merger and reorganization, reasonably and orderly pushes forward the production reduction and replacement to release the advanced coal production capacity that are under construction in time. By leveraging on elements including the richness of coal resources, market location and environmental capacity, China Coal Group develops the large-scale coal bases in Inner Mongolia-Shaanxi and Shanxi, etc. with differentiation so as to realise the transformation from scale-and-speed-oriented mode to quality-and-efficiency-oriented mode.