General Service

China Coal Asset Management Group Company Limited of China Coal Group takes a target of strengthening the core competitiveness of enterprises and improving the efficiency of state-owned capital allocation, develop the deep assets integration of non-core business under China Coal Group to set up the China Coal assets management platform. Its main business includes the operation and management for the assets of non-core business, development and utilization of Group’s own land resources, hotel property management, safety technology consulting, enterprises culture service, etc.  

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China Coal Asset Management Group Company Limited will seize the opportunity of supply-side structural reform to promote the asset management business integration, explore new industry management mode. With the main line to improve the efficiency of assets operation and realize the value preservation and appreciation of the state-owned assets, China Coal Asset Management Group Company Limited will speed up the development of transformation and upgrading, constantly improve the market competitiveness, strive to build the first class state-owned enterprise in asset management.

China National Coal Development Company Limited of China Coal Group is mainly engaged in import and export of the equipment, spare parts and technology,  dealing with the domestic and international trade business and construction implementation, development and investment of overseas market, tendering service,information technology service,hosting exhibition and providing energy saving and environmental protection service. The tendering business includes a wide range of coal, power, railway and information in more than 20 enterprises. China National Coal Development Company Limited has successfully held the China International Mining Exhibition and has established a very good relationship with India, Russia and Australia in equipment export and construction cooperation.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China National Coal Development Company Limited will develop in accordance with the principle of marketization, integration, internationalization, high level to build a comprehensive overseas service platform with strong core competitiveness , turn into a leading and advanced comprehensive service provider domestically and internationally with high efficiency material supply, high level professional information technology and integrated energy utilization.

Finance Company, a subsidiary of China Coal Group, is the only licensed financial institution under the Group and positions itself with the advantages of China Coal Group’s whole industry value chains for coal. It actively provides services to the Group and lays a solid foundation for its reforms. Finance Company has established a digital financing platform that consolidates the flow of capital and information and reconstructs a scientific and streamlined capital control system that highly integrates industry and financing to comprehensively prevent and mitigate risks, proactively support the reform and development of the Group through innovating and diversifying the financial service tools, building a financial system with China Coal’s characteristics and supporting the quality development of China Coal Group.

The Company continued to improve its value-creation capabilities through deepening streamlined management and raised its industry rating to the highest of A. The Company’s total assets amount to approximately RMB30 billion, ranked top three among the subsidiaries of China Coal Group; the return on assets jumped to the 8th place among 75 state-owned finance companies and remained the finest among its counterparts.