General Service

China Coal Asset Management Group Co., Ltd of China Coal Group is an asset management and operation platform built by the integration and reorganization of seven enterprises on asset operation and management. Key businesses include operation and management of non-core business assets, development and utilization of self-owned land resources, hotel management, property leasing and service, safety technology consulting, etc. The company takes improving the operation efficiency of state-owned capital as its strategy, actively promotes the reasonable flow and optimal allocation of state-owned capital, constructs the system and operation mode to meet the requirements of coal asset operation, and strives to build an asset management company with distinctive characteristics.

China National Coal Development Co., Ltd of China Coal Group is mainly engaged in the import and export of coal equipment and related domestic and foreign trade, overseas project investment and business development, bidding agency service, information technology, exhibition, energy conservation and environmental protection. In accordance with the development principle of "marketization, integration, internationalization and premiumisation", it builds a new energy development and service strategy on "serving China Coal Group, focusing on the energy industry and expanding the overseas market”. By the creation of an overseas project development and international cooperation platform with strong core competitiveness, it strives to build a domestic first-class and international leading comprehensive service provider of "high-performance integrated material supply, high-end specialized information technology and integrated energy utilization".

China Coal Finance Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Coal Group, is the only licensed financial institution of China Coal Group. Since its establishment in 2014, China Coal Finance Co., Ltd has been adhering to the principle of basing itself on the group, serving the main business, strengthening the financial technology innovation drive, deepening the integration of industry and finance, and promoting lean management. It will effectively give full play to the professional financial services, value creation and risk control, and form a modern financial service system with China Coal's characteristics. And its industry rating has been rated as the highest A level in the industry. By the end of 2020, its assets have exceeded 40 billion yuan, and its cumulative profit has reached 3.7 billion yuan. Its operation scale, innovation ability, profitability and operation quality rank among the advanced in non-banking financial industry, which has been recognized by the industry. The finance company has obtained nearly 27 billion yuan of inter-bank credit granted by various cooperative banks.