General Service

China Coal Group focuses on the comprehensive utilization of underground resources and the three-dimensional development of above-ground resources, helps the clean and low-carbon transformation of economy and society, and cultivates key professionals for the medium and long-term transformation and development of the group thoroughly implements the development idea of "the efficiency improvement of the current business, development of the new business, and transformation of the enterprise". For different scenarios in internal and external of the group, focus on promoting the project demonstration on energy efficiency management, power replacement, smart micro grid and resource comprehensive utilization services, and gradually realize the large-scale, and market-oriented brand development.

China Coal Group promotes the high-quality development of other comprehensive energy services, accelerates the formation of a new pattern of strong service capacity, active control mode, good incentive and restraint effect, and high-quality and coordinated development, and helps the group to build a long modern coal industrial chain. We continue to promote services ability specialization, business regional integration, internal market integration, external competition, focus on serving the coal industry and our group including financial services, production operations, asset management, supply chain management and services (including bidding, material procurement and the central reserve for business), information technology services and other businesses.