General Service

China Coal Asset Management Group Company Limited of China Coal Group is an asset management and operation platform built by the integration and reorganization of seven enterprises at the asset operation and management sector. Key businesses include operation and management of non-core business assets, development and utilization of self-owned land resources, hotel management, property leasing and service, safety technology consulting, and etc. The company takes improving the operation efficiency of state-owned capital as its strategy, actively promotes the reasonable flow and optimal allocation of state-owned capital, constructs the system mechanism and operation mode to meet the functional requirements of coal asset operation, and strives to build an asset management company with distinctive characteristics. 

China National Coal Development Company Limited of China Coal Group is mainly engaged in the import and export of coal industry equipment and related domestic and foreign trade, overseas project investment and business development, bidding agency service, information technology service, exhibition services and energy conservation and environmental protection business. According to the development principle of "marketization, integration, internationalization and high-end", it comprehensively builds a new energy development and service format of  "based on serving the Group, facing the energy industry and expanding the overseas market", build an overseas project development and international cooperation platform with strong core competitiveness, and strive to build a domestically first-class and internationally leading comprehensive service provider for "integrated supply of  high-performance materials, high-end specialized information technology and integrated energy utilization". 

China Coal Finance Company Limited which is affiliated to China Coal Group, it is the only licensed financial institution of China Coal Group. Based on the advantages of the whole coal industry chain of China Coal Group, it actively plays the professional functions of financial services, value creation and risk management of the financial company, strengthens the drive of financial technology innovation, restructures the highly integrated, scientific and refined fund management and control system of industry finance, and comprehensively prevents and resolves risk, proactively innovates and enriches financial service means to support the reform and development of the Group, building a financial system with China Coal Group characteristics and contributing to the high-quality development of  the Group. The industry rating of China Coal Finance Company is the highest level A in the industry. In 2019, the asset scale of the Finance Company exceeds 30 billion yuan, the total profit reaches 769 million yuan, the loan scale exceeds 13 billion Yuan, and the discount bill reaches 6.36 billion yuan. The operation scale, innovation ability, profitability and operation quality of the company all entered the advanced ranks of the non-bank financial industry.