Pit-mouth Power Generation

With the target of adjusting the industry structure, China Coal Group has developed environmental-friendly pit-mouth power plants and  participated with equity investment in the downstream power plants. We have established 34 power plants in controlled shares or in share-holding with the total installation capacity over 10 million kilowatts. We have effectively made use of coal wastes, coal slurry and residual heat produced from the coal processing in the quantity of over ten million tons. We have obtained effectively achievement in energy conservation and reducing discharging as well as comprehensive utilization of resources.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China Coal Group will pursue the principle of development with reasonable control, considering the local situation, clean and high efficiency, circular utilization and intensive development. We will focus on building 9 large scale coal-power  bases each with more than 10 million-kilowatt class in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, North part of Shanxi, North part of Shaanxi, Zhundong  of Xinjiang. By means of combination of mining resource condition, environmental capacity and transportation ability, adopting the advanced energy-saving, water-saving environmental protection power generation technology, we will give priority to construct the large  pit-mouth coal power generation plants and low calorific value coal power plants located in Shanxi, Xinjiang and Jiangsu so as to enhance the added value of coal and power industries, realize the integrated coordination development of coal and power. We will make full use of the abundant resources such as solar power and wind power in the existing areas and surrounding areas, actively explore ways and means of developing new energy, and timely involve the fields of solar energy and wind power.