Pit-mouth Power Generation

With the goal of optimizing the industrial structure and realizing the coordinated development of coal and electricity, China Coal Group has developed the integrated environment-friendly coal and power integrated pit-mouth power plants, participated in the investment and construction of the downstream power plant projects, and invested, by different proportion, in more than 40 power plants with a total installed capacity over 27 million kilowatts. More than ten million tons of washed coal by-products such as coal gangue and coal slime are produced annually, effectively promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources.

In accordance with the principles of reasonable control, appropriate measures to local conditions, clean and efficient, recycling and intensive development, focusing on nine large-scale coal power generation bases of 10 million kilowatts level, including Ordos, north Shanxi, north Shaanxi and Zhundong, and combing with the resource condition, environmental capacity, and delivery channels of the mining area, China Coal Group has adopted advanced energy-saving, water-saving and green power generation techniques to focus on the construction of large-scale pit-mouth coal-fired power plants and low-calorific value coal power plants in Shanxi, Xinjiang and Anhui, achieving the integrated development of coal and power. We have been actively exploring new methods and channels of developing new energies by using of the abundant solar and wind resources in the existing areas and surroundings.

Total power generated in 2020: 50 billion kWh

Installed capacity of the holding company in 2020: 14.1 million kW