Huajin Group Won First Prize of Third Safety Science and Technology Progress Award

Date:2023 -01 -03

Recently, the project of high-intensity methane cooperative control technology and application on the intelligent comprehensive mechanized caving face of Huajin Group won the First Prize of the Third Safety Science And Technology Progress Award. The project developed underground gas injection drive booster pumping equipment and intelligent ventilation device, and established the gas cooperative management technology system in the entire production process of fully mechanized caving face, realizing the linkage of ventilation and gas disaster prevention and control in the coal face. The project results have been successfully applied in Wangjialing Mine. The gas content of coal seam in the displacement and pumping section is reduced by 0.5m3/t, and the gas concentration in the upper corner is reduced by about 10%, so as to achieve zero gas over limit during the period of mining on the working face.