Pingshuo Group Carries Out “Night Shift Inspection” to Achieve “100-day Safety”

Date:2022 -09 -19

Undergroud Coal Mine #1 of Pingshuo Group set up the target of "fighting for 100 days, effectively controlling personal injury and other grade I and above accidents, and eliminating serious injury and above accidents". They established a task force of “Night Shift Inspection” inspection team to inspect all operating points in underground coal mine. Mine leaders organized supervision team of “Night Shift Inspection”, which carried out inspection without notice. They checked the on-site safety, the safety awareness and standard operation of employees, the management of on-site hidden dangers, labor discipline and whether there were "three types of violations" of the operation, and timely troubleshoot and deal with the hidden dangers in the on-site operation on the night shift. During the "100-day safety" campaign, no less than 20 "Night Shift Inspection" are required.