Shaanxi Company Promotes Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Date:2022 -08 -15

China Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy & Chemical Co., Ltd. actively promotes energy conservation and emission reduction in electrical equipment. Firstly, according to the latest national energy efficiency standards, the energy efficiency indexes of 3,216 motors and 141 power transformers were comprehensively sorted out, compared and repeatedly analyzed one by one, and the motors that did not meet the latest national energy efficiency standards were replaced. Secondly,strength the operation control of the generator set. Through the reactive power regulation of the generator and the reactive power automatic compensation device of the substation, the power factor of the system is maintained above 0.98, so as to ensure the power quality of the power supply, reduce the loss in the process of power transformation and distribution, and maximize the efficiency of power energy use. Thirdly, the establishment of power management system, real-time collection of power generation, distribution, electrical equipment data, intelligent analysis, according to the level of energy consumption, determine the best way to use energy, reduce energy loss. Fourthly, promote the use of new energy-saving lamps and LED light source lighting system, the application of time, light, control and other intelligent control system, saving lighting electricity.