Datun Company Central Hospital Provides Protection for the Resumption of Schools in Datun Mining Area

Date:2020 -05 -25

To protect the health and life of teachers and students and ensure the smooth start of schools terms, the Central Hospital of Datun Coal & Electricity Group Co., Ltd. assists the primary and middle schools in Datun mining area in organizing the resumption of classes in accordance with the Notice on Promptly Making Preparations for the Resumption of Primary and Secondary Schools, and arranges staff to visit the No. 1 and No. 2 middle schools in the mining area to offer on-the-spot guidance on epidemic prevention-related preparations before the resumption of classes. The staff members adhere to the work demand of remaining prudent all the way through, the work intensity of being strict but not loose, and the work requirements of doing more but not less. They strictly check the relevant matters with reference to the On-site Inspection Form for Preparations for the Start of Schools in Spring 2020, and after the resumption of classes, continue to provide guidance on epidemic prevention through WeChat groups, via telephone, or on the spot.