Environment-friendly Transport Equipment Developed by Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Machinery Company Contributes to Green Mine Construction at Revolutionary Base Area

Date:2020 -05 -11

Explosion-proof lithium-ion-battery-powered trackless rubber-tire vehicles for mine use and command vehicles independently developed by Shijiazhuang Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. have recently been shipped to Yanan, a sacred place of the revolution. These green new-energy vehicles will be used to transport workers at underground coal mines in Yanan, contributing to the construction of green and environment-friendly mines at the revolutionary base area. The Shimei brand series of electric trackless rubber-tire vehicles are powered by lithium batteries, which resolves the problem of underground environmental pollution caused by diesel engines, and are highly popular among underground miners. These vehicles can operate safely in the humid, waterlogged and water-sprayed environment of underground coal mines. They start quickly with good acceleration and accurate steering. With a battery range of over 80 kilometers, they come with regenerative braking functions and downhill energy feedback charging. Their operation and maintenance costs are 20% of those of diesel engines.