Steady production to shipment to spare no effort to protect the spring plowing.

Date:2020 -02 -28

China Coal Ordos Energy Chemical co. LTD(CCOEC) worked on steady production to promote shipment to spare no effort to protect the spring plowing. First, CCOEC strived to overcome the shortage of personnel, the shortage of raw and auxiliary materials and the shortage of woven bags during the epidemic period, strengthened communication and coordination with local governmentsraw and auxiliary materials manufacturers, continued to check and control safety risks and the smooth operation of devices, and maintained the safe and stable continuous production during the Spring Festival and the epidemic period. Second, with the normalization of coal supply and the gradual improvement of woven bag supply, the load was raised from 80% to full load in time, and the daily urea output was over 6000 tons. CCOEC worked at full speed, worked hard against time and production, and achieved full production and full sale to ensure the demand for spring plowing. Third, CCOEC worked closely with the Chemical Marketing Center of the Group company and the railway department to overcome the shortage of shipping personnel and other difficulties, made full use of the dedicated railway lines, adopted flexible adjustment of the transport plan, implemented the whole train and scattered train matching delivery and other methods, and ensured the average daily transportation capacity of 2 trains above 5,000 tons, and smoothed the delivery of "major arteries". Fourth, in close cooperation with the Chemical Marketing Center, CCOEC arranged the frontier warehouses in Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin and other places in advance, allocated more than 80,000 tons of stored urea to meet the agricultural demand of using fertilizer land, and created convenient conditions for the end customers to use fertilizer timely after the start of spring plowing. The measures taken by CCOEC to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the demand for spring plowing have attracted the attention of the Central Media, and were reported by CCTV news.